The Story

Nashville survived the atomic calamity that destroyed much of North America, but the radioactive aftermath has forever changed Music City. The entire Basin is bathed in deadly radiation, and the only one’s who can survive it are mutated denizens, still jamming in the ruins of the old musical empire.

The greatest dream of every mutant is to play in the restored Ryman Theatre and be heard by millions across the world. But the road to the Ryman is harsh and unforgiving, and older establish acts hold a grip on the microphone. Prestige is power in Music City, but bands still compete for the privilege.

The old guard is dying off, however, and the country wants a new sound.

The Creators

 BoperBoper9 Conklin (Artist) has been making comics since High School. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Sequential Art, and has had her work featured in galleries and in the Shoujo Phonebook anthology. She attends several conventions throughout the year, selling mini-comics and other original art. She draws Cherenkov Blues using traditional materials.
She loves Godzilla and human suffering.

jamesJames Tilby (Writer) graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Animation. He currently works for an advertising company in Georgia. He writes short stories and animates in his spare time. This is his first webcomic since high school and he is very excited.
He enjoys banjos and accordions, amongst other awful things.